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Bamboo - Wordpress Theme Toolkit


Consistency, simplicity and speed to help you build better with WordPress

Bamboo is a free WordPress Plugin for building better sites. It includes tools and libraries that will speed up your development.

Bambino works in tandem with Bamboo. It’s a WooThemes Canvas Child Theme which provides a lean, well organised structure to build adapative websites.


  • List Styles Loaded and Toggle On/Off
  • Hook Debug – Shows hook location and functions
  • Visual Element Breakpoint Detector
  • Responsive Screen Tester
  • Responsive Information Panel
  • Javascript Lister
  • Quick Access information
  • Removes Unnecessary WooThemes Options
  • Adds Critical Libraries
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Much More…

For more information please read the documentation.


  • WooThemes Canvas Child Theme/li>
  • Follows WordPress Best Practice
  • Integrated with Bamboo
  • Best Practice Theme Structure
  • Easy Debug
  • Adaptive CSS built-in

For more information please read the documentation.

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