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How to build a Web Design Company
1 min read

How to build a Web Design Company

How to build a Web Design Company

Tomorrow I (Elliot) am giving away our secret sauce – how we’ve grown over the last few years and how we manage the day to day of running a web design company. In fact a lot of what I will talk about is applicable to running any company.

Come on down to the lovely space at 68 Middle Street to hear what I have to say about running a Web Design company. I’ll be looking at business processes, tools and the shift from freelancing to agency. It’s kindly being put on by Joel Hughes and is free!

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Not one to miss an opportunity I will also be talking about Bamboo and how it can be used by Web Design agencies to create consistent and efficient processes when building WordPress themes. If you have come to this page from the talk, please head over and sign up to Bamboo for more information.

View more information on Bamboo

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