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Burst Times Website
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Burst Times Website

Burst Times Website

We have just completed a fabulous new website for a start up called Burst Times. These guys came to us with a unqiue business idea and we have helped turn that into a reality. Burst Times is a tool for cabbies in London. It helps them get more jobs. There are three aspects to the company. A printed booklet of times where there are hot jobs, an online searchable database of these jobs and a social network for cabbies to use.

It is a unique company for London and we are very excited for Burst Times. As an SEO London specialist we have the challenging task of building up this website from scratch to the top keywords for this niche. Watch this space to see how we progress to get this site found on Google through Search Engine Optimisation.

We don’t want to tell too much about the secret incrediants in this website – but head on over and take a look. It’s also fully compatible with Tablets and Mobiles, so try it out on your mobile to get the full experience.

Thanks and enjoy Burst Times Website

The Raison Online Team

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