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January Updates
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January Updates

We’ve just done an overhaul of our standard Child Theme template. We’ve made a number of changes to ensure that we can always update the core files without overriding the custom coding for each site.

We have always had a Child Theme which means your site can update Woo Canvas, WooCommerce and WordPress without affecting the template. Now we have made the core areas of the child theme independent of the custom code. There should be minimal difference on how the site functions, but it allows us to push out site-wide changes to all our sites with much greater ease.

A Fresh Admin Experience

We’ve also changed how the client views the back end:

1) introduced a new User Role called Shop Admin. This role has a restricted list of menu items compared to Admin (eg. can’t see Settings)
2) Added a Dashboard. A re-written the dashboard which is clean and focused. We show the latest updates and also have the key reports available at your finger tips.

We have big plans to make this even bigger. Currently the dashboard is in beta so it might look a touch threadbare for the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions, please get in touch.

We have also changed how to login. You can now login using the following url:

rather than

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