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Meet Growl - Our new Mascot
1 min read

Meet Growl - Our new Mascot

Meet Growl - Our new Mascot

Growl is our little WooCommerce Grow Dude!

He’s going to be popping up here and there helping store owners improve their sales. You’ll see him in the blog and within the WooCommerce Grow plugin (which we are releasing soon! Stay tuned.)

Big thanks to Jenny for creating Growl. We love him. Jenny is also creating an awesome graphic novel, if you have a moment go check our Mias and Elle.


Growl was discovered by WooNinjas and is a creature of lore!


He grows in size with your WooCommerce store.


Once you’ve got wings – you are ready to soar!

WooCommerce Grow is launching soon.

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