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WooCommerce Freelancers
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WooCommerce Freelancers

WooCommerce Freelancers

We’ve talked about some of the places to look for WooExperts. Below we are listing our recommended WooCommerce Freelance Developers.

Why choose a freelancer?

Freelancers come in all shapes and sizes. Generally they have chosen to work freelance to work on their own terms. You have to be very skilled to reach this skill level.

In our experiences day rates vary from £200 to £600+ depending on skill-set and requirements.

We’ve also written about WooCommerce Site Costs if you are interested to see how best to price a site build.

Our recommended WooCommerce Freelancers

It’s important to note that WordPress and WooCommerce are both similar skill-sets. Take a look at our list of recommended Brighton WordPress freelancers for more people to contact.

At WordCamp Europe I saw Pascal Birchler launch his new site listing WordPress Experts. I suggest taking a look there. It’s not WooCommerce specific but still a good list of active developers.

Finally, there is the official WooExperts

Get in touch if you would like to be listed on the list. Or leave a comment below if you have any feedback. Thanks.

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