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WooThemes Canvas Slider with Slider Group
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WooThemes Canvas Slider with Slider Group

WooThemes Canvas Slider with Slider Group

This is a quick snippet which may save some WooThemes Canvas users a lot of time. Sometimes you might want to create a slide group and then insert this into a page.

We can take advantage of the built in slide groups and slide functionality that comes from the Business Template. We just need to adjust the arguments that are used so we can specify the ID of the slide group.

In the code below change slide_page to the ID of the slide group. You can find this out by visiting the Edit Page of the slide group and looking for the ID in the address bar.

You can also change the if (is_shop() ) to other WooCommerce conditional options and then display the slide on different pages. Have a look at the Woo Hooks and Actions section for Canvas.

This code has been forked from the (Woo Support)[] which has a few comments asking how to do this.

Hope it helps

The Code


To use please add this to your theme’s function.php file.

17th October Update

I’ve added another function at the bottom which will add the body classes required to make the slider full width. If you don’t want a full width slider you can remove this function.

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