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Wordpress training
1 min read

Wordpress training

Everything is simple once you know how! But it’s always hard to jump into a new system and know where to go and what to do. We are always one email away for our wordpress web design clients, but in our experience many of our clients prefer to learn how to use the platform their selves.

As default we now bundle together LifeGuard with all our new wordpress websites. It’s a fantastic help resource available right in your dashboard. They have a fantastic selection of videos which walk you through a wide variety of wordpress questions. We thought their strapline was quite fun:

  1. Watch Videos
  2. Learn WordPress
  3. Party!

And for the majority of your needs the videos will do just that. If you need anything more complex, like WordPress SEO tweaking or wordpress plugin installations, then you can always contact us directly and we will help you out.

Take a look at this video about the service:


Another reason why a wordpress websites make the best websites. Contact us if you are interested in WordPress web design.



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